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Coastal Research Associate I in Hybrid/Office - in Augusta, ME

July - December, 2024
$20.08 hourly
Location: Hybrid work with part-time presence at the Department of Marine Resources office in Augusta, ME. Occasional travel for field work possible. Schedule flexible.

The Maine Coastal Program is a partnership among local, regional, and state agencies for the purpose of managing Maine's coastal resources for the public benefit. Formerly a program of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, the Maine Coastal Program is now a Division of the Maine Department of Marine Resources. Through this networked program, no one agency or department is responsible for the entire coast. Rather, all partners help ensure its proper management. The result of this balanced approach is a healthier coast--and a better future for communities. The Planning & Research Associate I position will report to the Coastal Resiliency Specialist (Resource Management Coordinator) in delivering two priority projects over a 6-month employment term: analysis of coastal bluff stabilization impact on natural resources and habitat, and preparation of the 2026 – 2030 Maine Coastal Program Strategic Outlook, which sets priorities and strategies for management of coastal resources in Maine.
Position Objectives:
1.Data entry and analysis: Update existing databases with historical data, support integration of databases across agencies, assist in analyzing data, and potentially assist with data gathering in the field.
2.Geospatial analysis: As part of an iterative process of geospatial data analysis, assist partner state agencies with exploring geographic trends in shoreline armoring and its effects on shellfish habitat, critical wildlife species, sediment dynamics, and other coastal issues.
3.Interagency support: Attend meetings and offer technical assistance on database compatibility, transparency, analysis, and communication concerning coastal bluff stabilization.
4.Report compilation and writing: Support the Maine Coastal Program Coastal Resiliency Specialist in writing the next Strategic Outlook report with data compilation and copy writing.
•Data entry of physical records of historical shellfish surveys in Maine, followed by preliminary analysis of cumulative impact of shoreline stabilization on shellfish habitat and stock.
•Report writing support and data mining for the Strategic Outlook, compiling information on Maine wetlands, coastal hazards, ocean resources, aquaculture, special area management, energy, marine debris, public access, and coastal development.
•Work with GIS geospatial data to map, analyze, and understand relationships between shoreline armoring and coastal environmental impacts in Maine.
•Data entry and analysis of shoreline stabilization permit review and support for database compatibility between review agencies.
•Support the Dept of Marine Resources, the Dept of Environmental Protection, the Dept of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, and the Dept of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry in efforts to enhance transparency and streamline interagency exchange of data related to coastal resilience.
•Potentially perform field work related to coastal hazards in Maine including but not limited to compiling case studies of shoreline stabilization efforts throughout the coast.
•Other responsibilities relating to the visualization, communication, and analysis of data as relates to Maine coastal management concerns within the Maine Coastal Program.

•Bachelor’s degree in data analytics, geospatial analysis, environmental science, coastal management, or other relevant degree required.
•Demonstrated skill in data analysis, organization, and communication.
•Strong problem-solving skills in manipulating data and drawing insights from large data sets.
•Skill and familiarity in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online.
•Ability to read and code in RStudio.
•Knowledge and experience working in Excel, GitHub, RStudio, and ArcGIS.
•Strong writing and communication ability.
•Ability to multitask projects and meet deadlines.
•Car and ability to drive to potential field sites on the Maine coast.
•Computer required.

Preferred Qualifications:
•Additional 1+ years of relevant experience in data organization, analysis, and communication.
•Additional experience in an ArcGIS coding language (e.g. Python).
•Additional experience working in Oracle, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Contact Email

Please send a cover letter and resume to the above email address.

On the subject line please enter 'Coastal Research Associate'

Planning & Research Assistant in Remote/Augusta

July-December 2024
$17.38 hourly
Part time or Full time

LOCATION: Remotely, with opportunities to work at Maine Department of Marine Resources (Augusta)
Tri-State Staffing seeks to fill one Planning & Research Assistant position to assist with implementation of the Maine Coastal Cleanup and to help finalize data for the update of the Maine Coastal Public Access Guide.
Responsibilities of these positions include: outreach to Coastal Cleanup coordinators and participation, reviewing land trust and municipal websites for information about public coastal access, site visits to public access sites, and writing site summaries. A clean driving record, the ability to drive to public access locations (within an agreed-upon radius from the position's home), and a class C license are required.

• High school degree required, in-progress associate’s or bachelor’s degree or
completed degree preferred
• Class C license and clean driving record
• Personal car and ability to drive to public access and coastal cleanup sites
• Residing within one hour of the Maine coast
• Comfortable speaking on the phone
• Experience with Microsoft products

Contact Email

Please submit your resume (no length restriction), contact information for at least two references, and a cover letter outlining your interest and starting availability by June 28 (open until filled via):
1.Email: with the subject line of DMR – Coastal Cleanup and Access Guide2.Mail: Tri-State Staffing, Inc. Attn: DMR – Coastal Cleanup and Access Guide, PO Box 2182, Augusta, ME 04338-2182If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact Melissa Britsch at the Department of Marine Resources at or 207-215-6171

Lobster Research Technician in Boothbay Harbor

June 1 - November 30,2024
40 hours weekly
$19.17 hourly

The Department of Marine Resources (DMR) Bureau of Marine Science Lobster Program carries out fisheries monitoring surveys and conducts life history research on the American Lobster.
Job Description: Tri-State Staffing is seeking to fill two field and technical positions based out of Boothbay Harbor. These positions will be responsible for field work coast-wide in the lobster program as well as data entry, data management, and maintenance of field and lab equipment. While not conducting field work, the employee is expected to work in the Boothbay office, with the option for remote work three days a week. Field work may require working on weekends. Travel in-state is expected and costs including time, per-diem and lodging will be covered directly or reimbursed. These are 40 hour/week positions.
Specific duties include:
•Data collection on commercial fishing boats for the lobster At-Sea Sampling Program and Ventless Trap Survey with associated data entry and data checking from those trips.
•Conducting 6-8 at-sea sampling trips per month during the peak lobster field season (May-Nov) with the possibility to work part time during the winter months (Dec-April).
•Interacting with commercial fishermen and the public.
Minimum Qualifications: Five (5) years experience and/or education in the compilation and summarization of scientific field and laboratory data to include a minimum of one (1) year of experience in natural resource science, management, technology, laboratory, or field work.

Desired skills:
•At-sea work experience and the ability to work independently under physically challenging conditions.
•Prior experience or ability developing relationships with fishing industry members.
•Familiarity with MS Access, ArcGIS and R or other statistical programs.
•Comfort with computer hardware and relational databases is desirable.
•The ability to work effectively with minimal supervision.
•Willingness to travel.

Contact Email

Application Procedure:
Please submit your resume, contact information for two potential references, and a brief cover letter outlining your interest and starting availability by July 1 (open until filled) via:
1.Email: with the subject line of DMR – Lobster Research
2.Mail: Tri-State Staffing, Inc. Attn: DMR – Lobster Research, PO Box 2182, Augusta, ME 04338-2182

MRIP Field Technicians in Maine

4 Positions of Varying Duration: 2 run April 22 - November 1, 1 runs May 27 – November 1, 1 runs June 24 - November 1 (most with one month at half time)
OPEN until filled, all require 3 days of training

Tri-State Staffing will be hiring full-time, with 1 month at halftime, seasonal positions to assist the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) Recreational Fishing Program with the collection of information and long-term monitoring programs on commercially and recreationally important marine resources and their fisheries. Data from these studies are used in fishery stock assessments and for fishery management decisions.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Tri-State Staffing is seeking to fill four variable seasonal positions assisting the Maine Department of Marine Resources from April to November to assist in conducting recreational saltwater fishing surveys. Work includes in-person surveying of anglers for participation, catch, and effort data, shore-side and possibly on head boat trips; surveying shark/tuna-permitted boat captains; and possibly assisting in a phone-based survey of fishing charter and head boats.
This is technical work requiring field skills relevant to marine sciences, with collection and recording of data for resource management. Field work is performed independently according to highly detailed procedures for gathering and recording a range of data.
Extensive daily travel in coastal areas of Maine, primarily from Bath to Kittery, is required. A biweekly meeting at DMR in Boothbay Harbor will be required. Weekly hours will vary, though effort will be made to distribute assignments that support full or part-time status. The work week is highly variable and includes Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and two to three weekdays off. Daily work hours often extend beyond normal 8am-5pm work hours and is in all types of weather, from inclement to blue sky days, high heat to chill.

REQUIREMENTS: Applicants living in mid or southern coastal Maine or along the Rte 95 or Rte 295 corridors from Augusta southward are situated well for this work. Applicants should feel comfortable initiating conversation with the public and conducting work independently as part of a network of survey staff. Candidates must demonstrate strong oral and interpersonal skills; be reliable, positive, organized, communicative, alert, and easygoing with the public and other staff; have basic knowledge of field and survey techniques; exhibit attention to detail and accuracy; be able to identify and handle Gulf of Maine fish species; have proficient computer skills and experience working with online software applications; and have legible handwriting. Experience on offshore boats (not prone to seasickness) is preferred.

A background check is required before employment. Candidates must have an active non-conditional driver’s license recognized as valid in the State of Maine and held such a license for at least one year; have a valid, clear, and safe driving record.

Contact Email

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Please submit resume, cover letter, and three references to subject line DMR MRIP Field Technician or submit by mail to: Tri-State Staffing, Inc. Attn: Maine DMR- MRIP, PO Box 2182, Augusta, ME 04338-2182.
For questions about the job duties or application process please contact:
Chris Uraneck, or call or text at (207) 350-6040.
(open until filled)

Hydrographer in West Boothbay Harbor

March - December 2024 Full-time $30 hourly
The hydrographer will be responsible for running the multibeam echosounder (MBES) sonar system during vessel-based survey operations to collect seafloor sonar and backscatter data in offshore priority mapping areas. The hydrographer may also assist with data processing, QA/QC, data packaging for submission to federal data portals, and technical reporting if time allows. The hydrographer will help train summer survey staff on sonar operations, and will serve as team lead
on multi-day survey operations.

The main duties of this hydrographer position are to operate the MBES system (Kongsberg EM2040C or EM2042) using Qinsy/QPS software, and communicate with the vessel captain to efficiently conduct the sonar surveys. The hydrographer will provide technical expertise to troubleshoot equipment and software issues
associated with multibeam data collection. The hydrographer will also serve as on-vessel leader for the team of wildlife observers and sonar techs during continuous vessel operations on multiday trips. If time allows, the hydrographer will provide post-processing services for data collected, including generating BAG files and other digital mapping products, bathymetric and backscatter reports, building data packages for submission to NOAA, and creating technical reports.

Preference will be given to applicants with knowledge of and experience with
bathymetric mapping, and college-level coursework or equivalent experience in oceanography and marine geology, with knowledge of geodesy especially desired. The successful applicant must have demonstrated experience collecting multibeam echosounder data using hardware and software similar to that described above. Demonstrated experience in technical troubleshooting and hardware/software systems integration is required. Preference is also given to applicants with
experience in post-processing MBES datasets, and familiarity with NOAA standards and
guidelines for hydrographic survey and with IHO S-44.

Contact Email

Please forward your resume and cover letter to the above email.

Any questions should be directed to Jesse Minor at: