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Administrative/Office Support

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Office Associate II in Marine Resources

Location is in Augusta
$17.00 hourly
Anticipated end date is 12/31/2024

Main Duties:

•Responding to constituent data requests
•Working with Licensing to maintain accurate waiting list information
•Conduct large scale mailing to lobster license holders for nominations and ballots
for the seven Lobster Zone Councils
•Processing all incoming mail of the election process.
•Compile data and enter election information into spreadsheet
•Checking accuracy of nominations through background and license checks
•Prepare and mail all election results

Must be proficient in Microsoft programs and LEEDS

Contact Email

Please forward a current resume and cover letter to the above email.

Please reference #10816 in the subject line.

Paralegal in Land Use Planning Commission


The position will be responsible for assisting Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC) staff by providing advanced-level paralegal support in reviewing land division histories. Requires an understanding of Maine Subdivision Law. The primary function of this position is to support LUPC staff by completing advanced complex land division histories and creating conceptual plans to illustrate those histories, for which analytical and computer skills are essential.

To be minimally qualified for this position, candidates must provide evidence of the following experience:
•A Bachelor’s Degree and three(3) years of paralegal experience in a law firm, court,
or legal services agency or an equivalent combination of education and/or
experience, such as education with experience in real estate.
•Experience in completing and reviewing complex land division and lot creation
•Experience in counting parcels, lots, or dwelling units under the definitions of
•Experience in evaluating lot exempt status for the purposes of counting lots.
•Experience in differing types of deeds and leases, such as warranty deeds, quit
claim deeds, sheriff’s deeds, and mortgage deeds.
•Experience with parcel and deed research in applicable Registry of Deeds utilizing
an online browser.
•Experience in evaluating spaghetti lots.
•Use of email and Microsoft TEAMS to communicate with staff.

Contact Email

Please forward your cover letter and resume to the above email address.

Please type, "Paralegal" in the subject line.

Office & Administrative Support in Augusta, Maine

$17.50 hourly/Location is at 41 Anthony Ave
Assignment scheduled through June 30, 2024

Many facilities are waiting on trained Certified Nurse Aides. This position will assist in:

*The CNA registry process
*Processing of paperwork
*Processing testing materials
*Mailing scoring sheets
*Processing records into archives
*Responding to telephone inquiries
*Processing mail and faxes
*Other clerical support coverage as needed

Specific qualifications needed to perform the job include education, experience, training, and technical skills. Familiarity with Microsoft Office Products (Excel, Access, Word, etc).

Contact Email

Please submit your current resume for review to the above email.

Please reference #13936 on the subject line.