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Postal Staff in Augusta, Maine

Immediate Two month assignment
M - F 7:00am - 4:-00pm
$16-$17 hourly depending on driving experience

DESCRIPTION: This is operations and personal services support work operating and maintaining a variety of postal equipment used in a production environment for the State Postal Service. Work includes transporting, sorting, classifying mail, and assessing and responding to customer service needs. Work is performed under general supervision.

REPRESENTATIVE TASKS:(A position may not be assigned all the duties listed, nor do the listed examples include all the duties that may be assigned)

•Operates and maintains postage metering machine to affix postage to letters and
•Operates UPS, FEDEX, and other private carrier postage metering systems to process
State Government mail.
•Organizes letters for automated sorting and stamping to prepare mail flats and bins
for processing.
•Operates delivery vehicles to meet scheduled deadlines, pick up and deliver mail,
and comply with agency rules and regulations.
•Delivers and moves product and materials to other mail production sections to
provide forward work to other production sections for processing.
•Transports and handles heavy goods.
•Receives, signs for, and delivers accountable mail(express, registered, certified,
and insured) to maintain accountability and control.
•Collates, packs, and labels printed materials to prepare materials for delivery.
•Breaks down and sorts incoming mail to prepare mail for future sorting.
•Operates electronic mail-sorting and scanning equipment to process mail.
•Weighs parcels and letters; operates postage metering devices; and calibrates
equipment to compute necessary postage and affix postage to outgoing mail.
•Monitors and inspects a wide variety of postal media to ensure products and services meet established standards.
•Records, verifies, and corrects postage meter charge cards to ensure correct charges
to appropriate account.
•Records mileage, maintains records, and reports vehicle status to provide information and keep required records.
•Organizes, records, and maintains computerized and/or manual files including Send
Suite computer program to maintain current information.
•Troubleshoots Send Suite handheld tracking system to correct problems or refer to
higher level employees and superiors.
•Performs routine maintenance on assigned postal equipment and vehicles to maximize
equipment and vehicle availability.
•Conducts internal and external inspection of vehicle to ensure proper functionality.
•Provides information and guidance concerning postal procedures, processes,
schedules, costs, and regulations to assist customers and colleagues.
•Queries for data via telephone, computer, and/or written/oral communication.
•Refers non-routine inquiries to appropriate resource.
•May lead the work and provide guidance to co-workers on a project or intermittent
basis to improve worker skills and maintain flow of work.

This person will be driving a box truck or ProMaster van part of their work day picking up and delivering mail in the greater Augusta Area.

Contact Email

Please forward your resume to the above email address.

On the Subject Line please type "Postal Staff".