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About Tri-State

Tony Theberge / President / CFO

Tony started his career in accounting/management during his senior year at Thomas College, where he graduated from in 1990. After almost a decade in public accounting, he brought his skills to the private sector and joined Tri-State Staffing when the company started in October of 1999. Handling accounting and tax matters on a part-time basis while the company was growing, he moved into a full-time position in 2012. Expanding his responsibilities, he then became the company’s CFO. He worked closely with the owner, Linda, until her retirement, learning the non-financial aspects of the business. Tony has strived to maintain the integrity of and build upon the foundation that Linda developed during her 20-year tenure, since becoming owner of Tri-State Staffing in 2020.

Linda Veilleux

Linda Veilleux / Retired / Chairman

I hope your experience with Tri-State will be both pleasant and rewarding. We have earned the reputation for being the "Staffing Service that genuinely cares", and for that I am truly grateful. In reflecting over the 25+ years in the staffing industry, a lot has changed since those early days of testing on a typewriter. Although those days of testing have given way to state of the art automated skills assessment the core principles and personal touches have not. It's unbelievable to recall the careers I've enhanced, the lives touched, and the friendships made. Yet while growth and prosperity have been beyond my wildest dreams, my goals and vision have not wavered. Let me personally assure you that you will not be a number, or means to an end. The staff looks forward to being of service to you.

About Tri-State: Tri-State Staffing Solutions is a MAINE locally owned and operated staffing firm incorporated in 1999. We work collaboratively with companies and job seekers to put "the human back into human resources". A strong and dedicated workforce is the backbone of any successful business. Realizing there are many different staffing agencies it could be difficult to make the decision as to which company is chosen to meet your needs. You'll agree that one of the determining factors would be the ability to have a service in which you can establish a dependable relationship with the ability to understand, respond, and anticipate your needs. We listen, we learn, and we are committed to providing the best opportunities possible. We have successfully built long-term, trusted relationships with some of Central Maine's premiere businesses and have built that same relationship in servicing our employees. Our success placement rate is second to none and our quality service exceeds service expectations. We significantly contribute to the business community we service by assisting individuals in their search for meaningful, satisfying employment.

Our Mission: We are committed to connecting employers with employees and providing opportunities for both. We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of service with honesty and integrity. Tri-State Staffing Solutions will always remember that employees and customers are equally important.

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