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Aquarium Aide in West Boothbay Harbor

June to September 32-40 hours a week including weekends beginning early June for training. $17/hr with a minimum age of 18. Housing in Boothbay is available.
Education & Experience: Associate or Bachelor degree, or working towards degree in biology, marine science, education, or related field preferred. High school diploma or GED certificate accepted with prior experience in a similar position.

Aquarium Aides provide informative experiences and interactions for Aquarium visitors. They educate on a variety of topics, such as Aquarium exhibits, Dept. of Marine Resources research, Gulf of Maine ecosystem, climate change, and community science.
This includes:
• Daily set-up, closing, and cleaning procedures
• Provide talks within exhibit space, scheduled presentations, behind the scenes tours, outreach events, etc.
• Ensure animal welfare and public safety
• Staff admissions desk and sell tickets
• Conduct tank maintenance, feed animals, maintain accurate logs, and observe animal behavior as needed
• Maintain clean, organized public areas including outside exhibits, restrooms, and grounds
• Perform other duties as assigned

• Ability to give clear, concise, dynamic, positive public presentations through relevant public speaking experience
• Knowledge of animal behavior and procedures for the proper care and handling of animals
• Strong observation skills
• Comfortable with and able to handle aquarium specimens
• Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions
• Strong verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
• Ability to work in dynamic, fast paced environment and make quick decisions concerning the safety of animals and people
• Demonstrate responsibility & self-initiative with minimal direction, and also ability to work in team setting
• Demonstration of positive customer service skills
• Must have valid driver’s license and be able to provide a certified driving record, at applicant
• Requires long periods of standing, climbing ladders, repeated bending, stretching or reaching; work in rough, uneven, and wet terrain; exposure to cold temperatures; handling live specimens safely and respectfully
• Ability to represent DMR in professional manner
• Some sales experience preferable

Contact Email

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and two references by April 1 via email to: with ‘Aquarium Aide’ in the Subject line.

For questions regarding this position, please contact Education Division Director Dottie Yunger via email:

Field and Laboratory Assistant in Boothbay Harbor

A flexible, seasonable position from February - December 2024/ $16.50 hourly

This position will aid in collection, transport, and analysis of samples collected.
Tasks cover sterilization and preparation of labware and media, membrane filtration of seawater samples, enumeration of thermotolerant bacterial colonies on targeted media, qualitative Polymerase Chain Reaction methods, and processing shellfish for analysis of biotoxins.

Knowledge and experience with basic lab math, accurate pipetting. Good Laboratory Practices and/or quality assurance (QA) systems preferred. Most tasks are done in the lab but field sampling may be required.

The successful candidate will have a valid driver's license and is comfortable working under minimal supervision.

Contact Email

Please forward your resume and two references by February 15th to the above email Subject: Shellfish Lab

Questions should be directed to Jill MacLeod at the Department of Marine Resources at or 207-350-7357.

Lobster Research Technician in West Boothbay Harbor

April-September, 2024
40 hours weekly M-F, between 8-5, with occasional weekend tasks or early/late hours required based on needs. $19.17 hourly

The primary focus will be carrying out the laboratory and field work portion of a lobster molting and growth experiment in West Boothbay for the second year of a multi-year project. Other duties will include assisting with the DMR larval lobster survey and aiding with other wet lab and lobster program projects.
-Work will take place primarily at the DMR West Boothbay Laboratory and vicinity This position will occasionally involve driving between Portland or other Maine coastal areas and Boothbay multiple times a week using Boothbay-based DMR vehicles.
-The primary duties of this position are to carry out a lobster molting & growth experiment. This includes: setting up and maintaining wire enclosures, coordinating with established collaborators, intaking live lobsters, providing routine care and food, and collecting biological and abiotic measurements.
-Tasks are divided between laboratory and field depending on program and project needs. Opportunities for cross-training in other programs may be available, if time permits.
-Other duties include organizing supplies, processing preserved samples in the lab, and assisting in the field with the boat-based larval lobster survey. Light data entry and strong record keeping are required for all duties completed.

-At least two years of experience and/or education in laboratory, field-based
research, or animal husbandry/aquarist work.
-Ability to follow protocols and gauge when troubleshooting is necessary.
-Strong communication skills and attention to detail.
-Comfortable working independently under minimal supervision.
-The successful candidate has a valid driver’s license; may have small skiff experience.

Contact Email

Email above with the subject line of: DMR – Lobster Research

Mail: Tri-State Staffing, Inc. Attn: DMR – Lobster Research, PO Box 2182, Augusta, ME 04338-2182