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Field Technicians in West Boothbay Harbor, Maine


5 Positions of Varying Duration: 2 run April 26 - November 2, 1 runs April 26 - September 28, 2 run June 27 - November 2 (most with one month at half time)
Open until filled
All require 1 week of Training in April, date to be decided

The ME DMR Division of Biological Monitoring and Assessment is responsible for the collection of information and long-term monitoring programs on commercially and recreationally important marine resources and their fisheries. Data from these studies are used in fishery stock assessments and for fishery management decisions.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The ME DMR annually seeks to fill five variable term seasonal positions in the Division of Biological Monitoring and Assessment, in West Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The Positions will assist in conducting recreational saltwater fishing surveys. Work includes in-person surveying of anglers for participation, catch, and effort data, shore-side and possibly on head boat trips; surveying shark/tuna-permitted boat captains; and possibly assisting in a phone-based survey of fishing charter and head boats.
This is technical work requiring field skills relevant to marine sciences, with collection and recording of data for resource management. Field work is performed independently according to highly detailed procedures for gathering and recording a range of data.
Extensive daily travel in coastal areas of Maine, primarily from Bath to Kittery, is required. A biweekly meeting at DMR in Boothbay Harbor will be required. Weekly hours will vary, though effort will be made to distribute assignments that support full or part-time status. The work week is highly variable and includes Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and two to three weekdays off. Daily work hours often extend beyond normal 8am-5pm work hours and is in all types of weather, from inclement to blue sky days, high heat to chill.
REQUIREMENTS: Applicants living in mid or southern coastal Maine or along the Rte 95 or Rte 295 corridors from Augusta southward are situated well for this work. Applicants should feel comfortable initiating conversation with the public and conducting work independently as part of a network of survey staff. Candidates must demonstrate strong oral and interpersonal skills; be reliable, positive, organized, communicative, alert, and easygoing with the public and other staff; have basic knowledge of field and survey techniques; exhibit attention to detail and accuracy; be able to identify and handle Gulf of Maine fish species; have proficient computer skills and experience working with online software applications; and have legible handwriting. Experience on offshore boats (not prone to seasickness) is preferred.
A background check is required before employment. Candidates must have an active non-conditional driver’s license recognized as valid in the State of Maine and held such a license for at least one year; have a valid, clear, and safe driving record; be able to submit their driving record to the State’s Risk Management Office; and receive State RMO approval for State car use. State vehicle must be used for field work. Use of a personal car for commuting to State car site and office is necessary.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Submit resume, cover letter, and three references to: Clarisse.Brown@maine.gov and Victoria.Batter@maine.gov or submit by mail to Maine DMR, PO Box 8, West Boothbay, ME 04575, Attn Clarisse Brown. For questions regarding these positions, please contact 207-592-2116.
Clarisse Brown or Victoria Batter
Clarisse.Brown@maine.gov or Victoria.Batter@maine.gov