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Customer Testimonials

This page contains testimonials from just a few of our satisfied customers.

Maureen Sullivan

"Kate is a model employee, prompt, courteous, quick learner, and willing to take on assigned tasks. The quality and quantity of Kate's work has been exemplary. Kate also has adapted very well with the employees within our unit and programs that Employer Services uses."

Tracy Thompson

"Thank you for being an incredible help to me and the Civic Center. Thank you for going the extra mile when you probably want to hang up the phone and pound your head off your desk. Thank you for always trying to keep us staffed, especially in emergencies and thank you for being REAL. I appreciate your straight forward approach and your no nonsense work ethic. I never hang up from a call when I haven't chuckled about something. You are amazing!!"

Why The Best Employers Choose Tri-State

"We strive for ultimate customer service and expect nothing less from businesses that service us. With that in mind, Tri-State is second to none"

"Full understanding of the nature of our business."

"Ability to provide a full range of service."

"Genuinely take pride in our company and have the ability to anticipate our needs."

"Responsive and actively able to meet challenge and pressure."

"Excellent response time."

"Qualified pre-screened and tested employees."

"Quality service at reasonable rates."

Why The Best Applicants Choose Tri-State

"I appreciate your help and interest in seeing me reach all of my work goals. You have kept me employed since our first meeting! I will recommend you to all my family and friends." - Gina Albert

"I simply wanted to express my many thanks for your help in getting me the job. It is what I have been looking for and I enjoy my job very much. Tri-State does a great job and offers a wonderful service." - Min Thomas

"Tri-State Staffing helped me immensely when I moved to Maine; I was a new resident that didn't have any contacts that could steer me in the right direction for job hunting. Things looked up for me after meeting Linda at a Job Fair. In November 2015, I started an assignment at the Department of Marine Resources under contract with Tri-State and by the middle of February I was offered a permanent position. As a result of the wonderful work done by the Tri-State employees they set me on the path to employment and helped open the door." - Charlotte Ekstrom

"Thanks Tri-State for employing me during my breaks while attending college." - Nelle Riley